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Food is always really nice. Delivery quick and without any troubles.
placed by Milena Andrzejczak on the 29th November 2018

Piping hot and delicious

Sooo delicious! I had a chicken Mediterranean kebab, with cheesy chips and a salad I actually bought fot my lunch today!! I hate cold food so bit into it straight away and burnt my mouth! Which is perfect!! Nice delivery guy even though my dogs go nuts at the door and scare most. Thank you very much I recommend everyone to you!
placed by Rhiannon Roberts on the 23rd August 2018

Great pizzas

Brilliant!! Lovely food and bang on time.
placed by Symon Medley on the 25th July 2018

Welcoming place

Good atomspherr :)
placed by Gordon Tseng on the 2nd March 2018

Tasty and fast

Less than 30 minutes from ordering to delivery and on a Friday night. The food was tasty and good value. We'll be back
placed by Michael Davison on the 17th November 2017

Nice one!

It was my very first order with this restaurant. Delivery time was supposed to be 20:00 - 20:15. Then I got a mail saying food will be delivered at 20:30. Five minutes later it arrived at 19:30! Half an hour early. I believe someone‘s clocks are still on summer time. So all good then for us. We loved the food and the bang on time delivery. Will order again, that‘s for sure
placed by Carsten Buck on the 1st November 2017

Great as always

I've had shawarma from La Poire and it's just amazing, so I had to try pizza. Also delicious! Really recommend to everyone!
placed by Rad Paluszak on the 5th October 2017


Clean tasty food. Why didn't I try this place before!
placed by Marc Loppas on the 22nd September 2017

A bit miffed

The delivery arrived pretty much on time, but after they left I went through the bag and found they had forgotten to bring the sauce (which was on the reciept). I called them up to say that it had been missed and after spending a few minutes convincing the man on the phone that despite his thorough checks there was no sauce I was told there was nothing they could do but they would "try to give me extra sauce next time I ordered". The food was alright though, pretty decent thin pizza.
placed by Philippa Harding on the 21st September 2017

Speedy Delivery Good Value

We ordered 2 shawarma wraps 1 lamb 1 chicken. Both were excellent only criticism is that they were almost cold when delivered
placed by Simon Morris on the 19th August 2017

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